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A CRM To Digitally Transform Your Business

Many businesses and industries are looking to engage with this new “work from anywhere” digital world, battling to keep customers engaged and build trust. Businesses in every field need to digitally transform quickly, manage admin tasks automatically and keep in touch with client needs.

Metisseo does this with agility and scale to help you keep pace at low cost, in challenging times and with increasing customer demands.

Metisseo CRM is simple to use, is free for one user and can scale quickly from one to many users with many more features to add.


“As a new business owner, I was looking for a CRM system to make life easier, to organize sales enquiries, track leads, manage contacts, track customer contact, and develop a sales pipeline.


I’ve found Metisseo to provide all this and more. It is easy to use, and I’ve been able to customize it to suit my needs, so I can spend more time developing the business and cut down on time spent on admin”.

Orange Safety Management Solutions Ltd