Why Metisseo?

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Metisseo is a simple to use, cost effective and comprehensive CRM system. Market conditions in these challenging times are dynamic and you will need to be able to change quickly to keep pace. Metisseo is the ideal CRM to help you do this. If you have an increase in your workforce, or your client list increases quickly, the Metisseo CRM can accomodate these rising demands easily and quickly.

Metisseo CRM is built on a highly customisable platform. We constantly improve on it, ensuring that Metisseo CRM will be able to meet your needs, regardless of any complexity.

Free for a single user with the basic package, it is very easy to increase users and add any additional features. This gives you the secure knowledge that your Metisseo CRM system can handle anything both now and in the future.

“Metis” has been used to describe the knowhow, experience and wisdom that people acquire in building expertise, as a key contributor to success in society. Metis is the Greek Goddess of Wise counsel.

Metisseo also offers high quality Websites, Web Design and Graphic Design. We also provide Digital Marketing services to help boost your business activities.